Logo on Fed's shoe is....?


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I've heard that he's buddies with the guys who own it. Wouldnt be surprised if Roger's a silent investor or if he's been given some equity in exchange for wearing them off-court.


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I see a ton of people wearing ON here in Sarasota, FL. Seems, around here at least, they their market share is growing.


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Nah, I think he just took off whatever tawdry little kicks he happened to wear to the courts, and then placed them conveniently behind his seat away from the glare of the match court, unaware that a photographer was lurking ready to snap a pic from a totally unexpected angle - ya'll are so cynical, I mean c'mon, when has Roger ever blatantly chased the $$, or even contemplated profitable cross-pollination and diversification for life after tennis? Rafa's gonna start looking after the Vapor side of things, and the world is full of butterflies and fluffy CloudXs bathed in Ultraviolet until Midnight...
Sorry to quote myself - so so uncool; yep, Fed is on - the way out...