Lol Kyrgios...... tanking your hopes again

Nick just a “hot and cold” type player! Him and Sloane are that way but Sloane is to the extreme in how to loose in a “big” style like Sloane looks like just not there! LOL! Nick getting better in this play now and does not deliberately try to tank anymore! In other words, Kyrgios is getting more consistent but Sloane is going back pre 2017!


I'm struggling with the subtle difference between the two.
Basically he still had a shot. Played well most service games, but got lazy on return games (other than very beginning of the match) and at least one of the games where he got broken where he was up 40-15 but started swinging for the fences (I can't remember the other game where he got broken). He didn't completely tank though, looked like he was still trying to win. He would've let Kohlschreiber beat himself if Kohlschreiber started playing worse.


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Kyrgios didn’t tank. Not to the same degree we’ve seen from him before, anyway. Kohly just played a real professional match and dispatched him pretty easily. Kyrgios is simply just flashy but he’s not consistent enough to be any good match after match and I doubt he ever will be. He’s all serve because his return is garbage so if his serve isn’t unbreakable in any given match, he’s in serious trouble.


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I'm thinking he is already in Miami where there is more action or he is at an NBA game. I'm thinking he will play better in Miami. I have been wrong many times.


I don't think he tanked. But he did make some unforced errors at important moments.

I also think it's funny how people say stuff like "he played lazily" when he loses or didn't look to be giving his all on every point etc. His play looks the same when he wins too, but people don't comment on it then, because he won.
What I was thinking has already been said. Even as an old guy, Kohlschreiber is a professional. He doesn't lose to guys who are not 100% there unless they are named Fed, Rafa, or Djoker. One still must show up to beat him. He always comes to play. I'm sad that he is too old to routinely school Zverev anymore. Germany needs a passionate, not a robotic, number 1.
not a tank.

he was engaged in the match, but kohli got the first break, Nick continued to push to rebreak, then had a tumble when he got break point(s), and lost his **** emotionally from there. Started to make stupid decisions and show poor body language and so on, but not literally a tank. Pretty clear he wanted to get back into it but wasn't able to, and he seemingly isn't mature enough to keep a 100% business focus when things are going like that.


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Kyrgiot is like Baby Bear. If everything isn't juuuuust right for him - then he simply won't accept it. Crowd too noisy, opponent too uninteresting, umpire too strict, shoes too slippy, niggling injuries too distracting, ball kids too slow with the towel or balls etc. etc. etc.

It will take a miracle for all the possible conditions to align for him to win something big. Or maybe just the best of all possible worlds.