Longest streaks of wins excluding losses


Hall of Fame
(Humbly dedicaded to Lew--bamos!)

1. Connors: 1274
2. Federer: 1242
3. Lendl: 1068
4. Nadal: 992
5. Vilas: 951

Connors on a pretty phenomenal streak, although he hasn't added to it in quite a while. Da Fed giving him a run for his money, though.

In weak era news, no Djokovic in the top 5, unfortunately (not even close, actually). So he must have felt pretty good when the Rome umpire gave him a confidence boost by calling him Federer. That was probably more uplifting than asking him "So, mister Djokovic, do you have a strategy in place to maybe get to the level of Vilas before your career is done?" in a presser.