Looking for a 16 x 20 racquet - suggestions welcome!


If i remember correctly pure storms and pure controls are very close to the pure strike vs racquets. theyre 311 strung so theyd be like 290 unstrung, good platform frame.

Besides that vcore 95 is a popular choice


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Yep, I have three PSTGT. Never letting them go! Keepers for sure.

Also have a couple of swirly PCT that I had custom painted from CTR. Absolute beasts!

Those are beautiful. I’m definitely going to pick up a few used ones soon. It’s just hard to tell condition in images


The PSTGT is too hefty for me so I lead up the PSGT. As you said, they are keepers. :)
PSGT is one of the best frames I tried! My wife plays with it. I'm kicking my butt for buying only one when I found them on a closeout.

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yonex.vcore.95 (2019) 16/20, have this one, like it
wilson.ultra.95 (2019) 16/20, looking to hit with this
head.gravity.100.mp (2019) 16/20, looking forward to this one


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I currently use Beast 98 o3's. They are 16x20. I can't tell the difference between a 16x19 and 16X20 honestly. Once I've gotten down to 16x18 it does start to feel softer. I also have a prince NXG MP which is 16x20 which has a horribly stiff upper hoop. I don't string the top or bottom cross, making it 16x18, and it plays much softer.