Looking for a little extra...

Have used the 2011 Wilson Pro Open strung with Yonex PTP 125 full bed for some years and it's a set up which provides comfort and which I love in the frame (16x19).

Over the past year or so I have been working on technique, especially on the fh, to generate spin by brushing up and closing the racquet face on follow through, however...

I would like to try a hybrid set up which provides some more spin and that also has better feel, the PTP 125 full bed as much as I like it has seemingly done away with feel on drop shots, which I could execute in the past.

I have read good things on Wilson revolve 17g as a potential cross with the PTP 125? (One of the dudes who strings for me uses ripspin 16g as a cross with PTP) have never used a hybrid set up so I'm a bit of a noob on this I'm afraid! But essentially my criteria is poly (17g) with more feel and spin and a similar level of comfort (past tennis elbow issues) to add to the PTP 125 in my frame, not sure if cross is better than mains, usually string at 53 lbs full bed so not sure if different tensions in a hybrid helps but that may be overkill at my level (3.5 or slightly higher), appreciate any assistance!
What you're asking for is very subjective. Only you will know what works best for you. But a couple of guidelines are to use a very spinny main string and a cross string that is slippery. Elasticity and stiffness of each string will be up to you to figure out. Be careful to not use too stiff of a cross string at too high of a tension on a racquet that has a low twist weight.
Agree with our pal Muppet above in terms of the subjective aspect of your quest. Feel is tough to nail down and you may have to enjoy the ups and downs of some trial and error to find what you think you're looking for in a different setup.

If you brought your racquets to me for stringing, my first impulse would be to suggest a try with a full bed of syn. gut at a snug enough tension to give you some control. Not so much looking to convert you to that string type, but I'd want to see what sort of service life and comfort you get with that string. I know a few players who are way beyond your level (and mine, too!) who don't use full poly and it could be the case that full poly is actually working against you a little bit by diminishing your racquet's response.

Syn. gut is also moderately soft and since you've had tennis elbow issues in your past, that's another reason I'd offer it for consideration. I personally use 17 ga. syn. gut in all my own frames. It gives me that moderate softness, terrific performance, but I also love its feel. It's not mushy like multifibers can seem to me, but even a snug layout of syn. gut isn't as clunky or thuddy feeling as the polys I've tried.

Assuming that you're going to stick with poly and you want better feel, my easy answer there it to go for a lighter gauge in your mains. The most popular hybrid I do for a few locals includes Isospeed Baseline 1.20mm mains and Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 crosses. While a lighter gauge of poly main will likely "go dead" more quickly than a heavier gauge, it seems that the feel and behavior of this layout doesn't fall off a cliff as drastically as it might in a full bed of poly. The syn. gut crosses retain a lot of their resilience as this hybrid ages. When I've tried this setup in one or two of my own frames, it gave me a lot more of the feel that I prefer compared with some other experiments that included heavier gauges of poly mains.
A few suggestions:

1) Increase your main/cross tension difference of full bed YPTP. Perhaps go with main 53lbs / cross 48 lbs. This would promote main string snapback and perhaps higher launch angle.

2) Try using thinner YPTP at same tension for more feel and perhaps more bite into ball.

3) Try hybrid with shaped poly main / YPTP cross at same tension as your current configuration.