Looking for: a one-off racquet for fun under $90


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Hey all, I'm looking for a totally different racquet just for messing around with. I currently play with the 2018 Yonex VCORE 98.
Not that I don't like my current racquets, but it would be fun to use an extended length or "tour" version. Or both, like the Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus. Something totally different.
All it needs to be is grip size 1/8 or 1/4 (if you've got a Yonex, I'd prefer 1/8) and structurally sound (including grommets... I'd prefer not to have to replace them).

I am willing to trade my well-loved 2017 Wilson Blade 98S (18x16) racquets also. They're structurally sound and served me well for four years.
Thanks all :)


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If you want something completely different, I have a prince mono racquet. It’s actually really fun to play with and you’ll get a lot of comments on the court