Looking for a USTA team in Orange County

i am now in need of a team to play on for the upcoming USTA season. since the change to the new age divisions, basically my whole team is going to move to the higher age division. if there are any teams that need a singles player in the 18+ 4.5 division in orange county let me know. i have a 4.5 computer rating, but would like to think that i am better than 4.5. my record is in other posts here on TT and i am also the #2 4.5 tournament player for socal.


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Come play for us. We play out of Irvine. We were 1 match from going to nationals in the summer and we tied for 1st this doubles season, just missed going to Indian Wells for sectionals but lost the tiebreaker for sets/games won. I think Robert or Jeff mentioned you might play for us. I think we have a really strong chance of going to Nationals if we are healthy.
i still havent found a team. i have talked to a few people, but havent committed to any team yet. i talked to jeff a month or so back, but havent talked to him since.


YPS - I'd think everyone would be begging to get you on their team? Are you looking for the highest paying contract?
ya im down. i havent been hitting at all lately and really need to get back into it. i still work m-f 9 to 5, so whenever you have time around that schedule let me know.


Yonex - can i look up your league record? youu can email me if you don't want everyone to know your name. my team could always use a good singles player, but we play in SGV.