Looking for Family Vacation spot in between OH and TX - ideas & opinions requested

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by dak95_00, Jan 10, 2011.

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    My brother and I would like to get our families together for a family vacation this summer in July. We both have young children and would like to find a location that is nearly an equal drive for the both of us. I'm in Ohio and he is in Texas.

    Right now, our thought is the Gulf in Alabama or Florida. I'd like to find a place like my family stayed at in Myrtle Beach a few years back. It was right on the beach and also had a very nice pool area w/ a small kids area w/ all of the works such as a dumping bucket you see at all of the waterparks. It was like a waterpark! Aside from that, it had a breakfast buffet every morning and a manager's reception every evening included in the price. It was perfect for my family and would be for his too. They had planned activities for the kids, family, etc. each evening. However, it is too far for him to drive and I can see why he doesn't want to fly, rent a car, car seats, etc. since he has 2 kids under age 3.

    Does anyone know of a place similar to what I have described? Thanks in advance. Tennis would be an added bonus and not a necessity.

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