Looking for new racket and need advice


Hiya, i currently play with an rdx300 but am starting to feel like its just a little too demanding, i struggle to find consistency with it and i am really just looking for a racket that is pretty comfortable and quite easy to use/adjust to. I play with a 2 handed backhand and I hit very flat on most shots and play from the baseline, are there any rackets that suit this style of play?

Cheers for any feedback


Well if you play flat, try looking at some Flexpoints. It seems that the Flexpoint technology will help you with your Flat shots. IMO. You could also try Babolat PD's or Prince O3's.


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How about the RDS 003? It is a very easy frame to play and an all around improvement over the RDX 300. You could always try some of the bigger Yonex frames.