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I am looking for a new pair of tennis shoes. I have some knee problems, so I'm looking for a shoe that has some good cushioning. I have always worn Nike in the past but I have had some NB and Asics running shoes and really liked them. Anyone have any experience, good or bad with either New Balance or Asics? Which models would you recommend?




I think NB is a very good shoe company in general. I haven't personally tried any of the NB or Asics tennis shoes. I don't really like asics and think some of their shoes in general to be a littl acking on the cushioning (for walking shoes.)

I have heard very good things about the adidas A3 accelerator comfort wise. I have also tried the Nike Breathe Free 2's and Adidas Barricade 3's and found those to be fairly comfortable. the Barricades needed some break in time though, i found them somewhat painful at first but after they were broken in they were quite nice.

I would defintely give the A3 a look though.


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I have the NB 780's Nike BF II's and Ascis Enqvists.
The Enqvists are the most comfortable and stable by far.


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Well, since you are looking for cushioning I find the Barricade 4's to be pretty good. I recently bought a pair half a year ago and honestly I don't like them. I had a pair of Barricade 2's before that. The B4's in my experience are heavy, but they are definitely very comfortable and the look of them are great. The B2's I compare to a running shoe, and are definitely my top pick of tennis shoes(although they aren't the greatest in cushioning).

Definitely BREAK THEM IN FIRST! I suffered early symptoms of shin splints when I was using my B4's. I even thought I broke them in by walking around daily with them for about 2 weeks but it wasn't good enough:(