Looking for some tennis, Jan 4-10, Nueva Vallarta, Mexico - 4.5


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Hi All,

I will be in Nueva Vallarta Mexico (just north of Puerto Vallarta) at the Paradise Village Resort, Jan 3-10, 2010 and am hoping to round up a couple morings of tennis. http://www.paradisevillage.com - They have a couple courts at the main resort and also have an excellent full service racquet club, with proshop, pool, child care, as well as both clay or hard courts.

I am a 4.5 (really) from northern California and would love to hit some while on vacation. I usually play doubles but would be happy to play a few sets of singles or just drill. I would be happy to play with anybody from 4.0-5.0+. I guarantee to be hungover most mornings but also guarantee to play seriously enough to get you a workout. My game will easily hold up for higher level play but age, weight and vacation fun make this capability limited to usually the first 30-45 minutes. I can generally keep up the competitive 4.0-4.5 thing thereafter.

I am also happy to play with someone a bit lower if you can keep to ball in the court - I ended up mostly giving a free lesson to some guy from Canada last year, as he suggested (I don't know how their rating system works) his Canadian 3.5 was the same as an NTRP 4.5. Very nice guy but he was much closer to 3.0. Maybe it was just the "Vacation Rating" thing I've recently read about.

We arrive on the evening of the 3rd and plan to move up to Sayulita on the 10th for a few more days. I dont know any courts there (in Sayulita) but would also be interested if anybody happens to be around. Unfortunately, we don't rent a car so my travel will be limited to these 2 areas.

If any TWers just happen to be Mexico, and would like to get together for some tennis, please look me up. Or, if you're a tennis player and happen to be at the resort, look me up and I'll be happy to buy you a drink.

I can be reached through this post or please respond to my gmail account:

lcjtoons at gmail dot com

Thanks for looking !


How was the tennis there and how is the tennis setup? I am traveling there myself in May and was planning on bringing my rackets with me. What services and match setup do they have?


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My apologies for the delayed response (just saw yours).

Re Paradise Village - there are two hard courts at the main resort and they are reserved on a sign-up basis (free). They are actually in pretty marginal shape but playable. A reservation sign-up sheet is in the recreation office (just across from the courts). Due to temps and humidity most people play in the mornings or early evening. Lights cost something like $25/hr and I have hardly ever seen them used. They have a resort tennis pro that is a very good player and seems to be a good "resort pro". He generally takes up one of the two available courts at the prime times of 8am-noon. He coordinates the scheduled clinics and weekly "hit and giggle" tournaments. They also have a "looking for a game" sign-up sheet in the office and you can note your stay dates, phone/room# and level in hopes of getting someone to call you. During this last stay I was the only one that actually used it, but previously I have been able to hit with a couple folks that I found there. After I hit with him a few minutes, the pro offered to see if he could perhaps set-up some doubles with him during the rest of my visit but I had already book the balance of my visit. I think he also mentioned that he offers stringing as a service.

If you're a "member" (owner versus renter) or willing to pay the guest fee (I think ~$15-20 USD) there is an excellent full service racquet & swim club. It has full locker rooms, a snack bar, nice swimming pools, pro shop, 8ish hard courts and I think maybe two clay courts (I've only used it a couple times). It's a bit more than a mile walk from the main resort entrance and there is a regular shuttle (~30mins) between the club, the resort properties and the golf course. The also have a full teaching staff as well. They may have other services available here but I really haven't used it that much. I have often seen the lights being used there (we usually drive by in a taxi when heading out to dinner in the local towns) and also usually see at least someone using the facility when we pass during the day. Although I have not used it, I recall a previous mention of them offering some sort of partner set-up service. During our visit next year, I will probably stop by the racquet club early and see what they might be able to do for helping me find someone to hit with.

As far as the level players, it is obviously a resort where tennis is a small part of the attraction. There are many families, mostly 'hit and giggle' and a relatively few decent players (above 3.5). The resort pro, at about 45ish, would be a very strong 4.5 to 5.0 in most areas, and the guy at the racquet clubs seems to be at least comparable (he was on the court next to me last year when I was giving the Canadian guy a lesson). As the NV area has developed, every resort has some tennis courts and I have run across a few good players over the years we have been visiting. The main resort courts are typically used for casual play by hotel guests. As the area and number of surrounding homes, condos and resorts has grown, the racquet club may be the best place to find more quality tennis.

Feel free to drop me a note if you have a question or two . . . lcjtoons at gmail dot com Hope you enjoy your trip.


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Hi Anybody,

I am back in Mexico again this coming week. I will be available to hit at Paradise Village (see earlier in this post) through New Years Eve. Would love to hit with someone decent. I have had an extended injury time out this year but can still keep up with most 4.5s in norcal, at least for an hour or so. If by chance anybody will be in the area, please shoot an email to lcjtoons at gmail dot com, you're also welcome to call at +1-five one 0 - 6041662. We usually get a mexican phone number shortly after arrival but leave a message and I wil ring you back.