Looking for string suggestions


I have finally taken the plung and I have ordered my first stringing machine. I have been wanting to try some different string set-ups for a while, but I hated having to pay to have my racquet strung to do it.

My main sticks right now are Microgel Radical OS, which have a 18/19 string pattern. I have been having it strung at 57lbs using synthetic gut (Head PPS 17 synthetic gut) in the mains and different Head multis in the crosses (Head FXP, FXP Power, Fibergel). It normally takes me about a three or four weeks to break my strings. I play around twice a week for around 6 hours total. Typically the multi in the cross goes first.

Also, lately I have noticed playability wise, tension loss is a bigger problem to me than string breaking. I can't stand for the tension to drop in the strings as everything starts to fly. I believe I am going to up the tension a couple pounds next time just to see how it feels. I prefer a "crisp" string bed.

Anyway, I am looking for some string suggestions to try for my mains. I have bought a reel of Forten Sweet 17 to use as the cross while I play with some hybrid set ups. I am most interested in softer co-polys and multis.

I picked up packs of:
MSV Focus Hex 17L, Signum Pro Poly Plasma 17, X-One Biphase 17, NRG2 17, and Lux Power Rough (gotta see what all the hype is about).

Any other suggestions to try as a main in a hybrid with the Forten Sweet cross? I want to avoid harsher polys and kevlar at the moment. Also, would it be worthwhile to try the X-One or the NRG2 as a cross with one of the polys I have picked out? Just looking for input on what other people like so I have some starting points. I realize ultimately I am going to have to figure out what works for me.


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Try Tecnifibre's Multifeel out; while it has a multifilament wrapping, it has a center core also.


Thanks for the suggestions! Can't wait for my stringer to arrive so I can start trying some of these combonations out.