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    Hi everyone. I have heard from tennis coaches and some websites that you should eliminate any upward looping when taking back on the forehand. According to them, one should take the most direct path possible when backswinging.

    However, I have seen videos of pros like fernando gonzalez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgd2Unum8Sk doing that loopy thing. So is it really ok to do it after all?
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    Jun 23, 2005
    Most all pros and skilled players have some loop in their backswing on their forehand. The issue is if beginners can learn to do this and still get the racquet below the ball for topspin.

    In my 35 years teaching, a large percentage of beginners can't do this. So, taking the racquet back low, keeping it down until the contact phase, the player learns to hit up the back of the ball for topspin.

    Also, 95% of players who learn this way naturally develop a loop that works for them. However, I have seen hundreds of players taught the loop swing and many of them not only have trouble learning to hit up the ball (because they don't get the racquet lower than the ball before contact), but also develop some bad habits in the process. Prescribing a loop that is not only detrimental to a player's understanding of the topspin stroke and one that might not be a natural sized loop can prevent some players from hitting their best forehands.

    It is almost a natural phenomenon for players, as they become more familiar with the proper swing path, to evolve a larger loop...as well as more aggressive topspin grips.

    So, in answer to your question, it depends on the level of the player and the teaching philosophy on whether to teach a loop early on or to establish the desired swing path first. I prefer the latter.

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