Los Angeles 2007 thread

Who will win?

  • Blake

    Votes: 12 30.8%
  • Haas

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Gonzalez

    Votes: 10 25.6%
  • Murray

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Tursunov

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Santoro

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • Nalbandian

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • Ancic

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Stepanek

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 7 17.9%

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let's wait for the draws,but I think that Gonzo has a pretty good chance.
Murray said that this was going to be his first tourny after the injury.Seems,he didn't manage to come back in time.:( He has a lot of points to defend in August.


Why So Quick To Write Marat Out!!!!!!
I Luurrrveee Him!
Pleaseee If Anyone Knows A Link Where I Can Watch The Match Live Id Be Ever Soooo Greatful...i'm Gettin Withdrawal Symptoms, Startin To Twitch And Ache For Marat Lol!...im Serious...pleaseee I Must See Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help!!!!! Xxxx


Malakas I Went Wimby And Saw Baggy V Davydenko... I Took Vids And Pics If U Wanna See?
Baggys Mum Saw That I Was Greek And Asked Me If I Wanted 4 Spare Tickets...abit Late Since I Payed £72 To Get In Lol...and Then It Pissed Down With Thunder N Lightning Gamoto!


modellooks do u have any idea if theres gonna be any streams? I'd cancel my stupid birthday party to watch him play! (safin)


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I was there today watching some qualies. Carsten Ball beat McClune in 3. I didn't see the first set, but the last 2 sets, McClune just didn't seem to have any weapons to hurt Ball. Bastl won over some guy who looked like a baseball player more than a tennis player in straights. The top seed in the qualifying draw, Mello, looked to be winning easily over someone I never heard of.

I also saw Fish practicing at the stadium court, but I'm not sure who he was playing against. The kid looked very small and young, with a lefty serve and red shoes. Fish seemed to be dominating him in their practice set. Fish's backhand looked really solid, and he could hit amazing angles with it as well. His forehand was quite eratic, however. Later, Ginepri was practicing against some asian guy I didn't know. Supposedly I just missed Blake practicing, oh well.



I believe Tursonov won in LA last year, didn't he. I know he had a pretty good results on the US hardcourt summer series last year. And he has a very good game for hardcourts. Good serve and a very powerful baseline game. Plus, he lives in northern California and is as much American as Russian, growing up here and all.

Not many of the European players will bother with the hot and humid weather and the brutal hard courts in this series. Gasquet does not play until Montreal. He has a lot of points to defend there, being a finalist last year, and I'm sure he is immensely popular with the French-speaking Canadians. The court suits his game. I hope he wins it and also has a great run at the US Open. Montreal and the Open should be it for Gasquet in North America this summer.

But Tursonov will be a dangerous opponent for guys like Blake, Roddick and any other Americans who play in this series.


Gonzalez and Fish should play in one quarterfinal. That could be interesting as Fish played very well vs Nadal in the first round of Wimbledon, and has beaten Gonzalez on hard courts before.

Nalbandian-Kiefer in the 2nd round would be interesting. The winner of that should come through the 2nd quarter of that draw.

In the 3rd quarter, it seems really weak and on paper Safin seems like by far the guy in that section. Regardless I am calling huge serving Guccione to take him out in the first round. Poor Safin, even if he gets past Guccione he has Mr. Santoro in the next round, his career nightmare. Santoro should get through this section, unless Guccione serves him off the court. He probably prefers to play Safin.

Tursonov and Blake should meet in the bottom quarter. One guy on the rise, one guy on the fade. Tursonov wins that one for my money.

Then in the semis I see either Gonzalez or Fish beating whoever makes it between Nalbandian and Kiefer. I am really split whether that will be Gonzalez or Fish, but one or the other will be in the final.

Tursonov will probably end Santoro's recent run of success in the semis, partialy for fatigue reasons. Then in the final any out of Gonzalez, Fish, or Tursonov could be the champion I think. If I have to pick I will go with Gonzalez but this a tough one.


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This is a diffcult call. I don't think Blake can do it. Nice to see Ancic back. I went with Santroro.


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Some highlights from the night matches on Monday night:

Mardy Fish looked terrible to start his doubles match. He couldn't pass the net, much less Bogdanovic and Hutchens. Seemed like he put every crosscourt shot right into the net. Thankfully his parter, local favorite Sam Querry, was playing well and kept them in it.

Fish rose to the occasion in the match tiebreak with a great lob, and beatiful return winner down the line on match point.

Safin also looked a little shaky to start his match and clearly struggled with Guccione's giant serve. Who wouldn't? The 6'7" lefty was launching missles.

At one point Guccione fired one of his 134 mph heaters right at Safin and all he could do, literally, was duck to avoid getting drilled as the ace flew over his head.

Guccione offered up an apologetic hand, and Safin shrugged as if to say "what can I do?" and that was his attitude toward the big server for the first two sets, but eventually I guess he got frustrated, because after yet another ace passed him by he threw his racket violently to the ground and sulked around for awhile. Go Safin!

The third set, like the second, came down to a tiebreaker, where Safin took it by somehow getting his racket on a few great returns and repeatedly passing Guccione, who'd been showing nice touch at the net.

All told it was a fun night of tennis. As a USTA member, I got in for free. Blake was signing autographs, and the Bryan brothers were tending the bar before the match. Hopefully I'll get to check out some more matches later in the week.


oops...I guess his new coach was a waste of time lol...hopefully its not the same for sexy marat!!!!
Arrrghhhhhhhhh if a tournament was based on Sexiness he'd be wayyy above Federer in the Rankings!
Gosh sorry to bore you people with my love for safin lol...i kinda just have butter fingers on the keyboard and write a load of bull! Sorry...i cant help it hehe xxxxxx


Nalbandian lost to Kunitsyn 76 75. I can´t believe how many top players lost in 1st round this week.
And Fleishman beat Gonzalez 76 64. I cant believe Nalbandian and Gonzalez lost to Kunitsyn and Fleishman in straight sets. This must be a conspiracy against my fantasy tennis team :p
The top half of the draw is now open for anyone to reach the final.


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Congrats to Zack....biggest win of his career...and on his home turf...local boy does good...

However, I am very dissappointed in this players who have committed to this tourney, we have tickets today....do I really want to see:

Hyung-Taik Lee (KOR) vs. Wesley Moodie (RSA) -not really

followed by

Ricardo Mello (BRA) vs. Michael Berrer (GER) - who?

followed by
Igor Kunitsyn (RUS) vs. Nicolas Kiefer (GER) - would have to wait all day!

Geez..bring back Mercedes-Benz...I think they had more money to pull in players who the paying public may want to see play!!


nope i just checked over 50 online channels! nothing im sooo friggin angry!!!!! its nearly 5 am and im watching god dam live scores!