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    May 7, 2007
    This is the web translation of a german notice on Roger Federer website. The press have been calling Federer all sorts of names. They know his natural language is German and no matter how well he speaks English, he would always use the german translation. In Nigeria - next week is refered to as 'upper week', Thursday would be 'next tomorrow'. Tell me anyone, if you can make sense of this. Obviously, the german words are not easily translated to english, but we might just get an idea what the writer is trying to say. Here goes:

    Your friend Tiger Woods has now after his 66. Said title: you must only recall what needs to be done! He had backlog and caught up there and won the tournament.

    DelPotro, Roddick, Nalbandian are also very good player, the besiegst you often very clearly.
    Nadal, Murray and Djokovic are not much better. You can defeat the at any time. You must only firmly believe. All opponents are to crack! They have exactly bad days.
    You say self Djokovic poorly played last week.
    Because it but for you easy should have at all to the 1. Set you have clearly won that you win the match.

    Roger, you will again tournaments win, perhaps in Rome! I am quite sure!
    Simply counts lot game because it makes you fun, the rest comes from itself.

    Now join once a few free days, use you well and then you come with fresh energy to Rome! :) :) :)

    Love greetings!

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