Lotto Grass Court Soled Tennis Shoes - Come Again!


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Just wanted to share my disappointment with Lotto...

I play grass court competition in Australia. I had never had grass court soled tennis shoes before, I also had never worn Lotto shoes before. Four years ago I took a risk and bought a pair of Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed GRASS shoes from TW US and they have been the best tennis shoe I have ever worn by a country mile. I have since bought some Lotto shoes for hard courts as well....absolutely magnificent, so comfortable, they're like wearing gloves!

Sadly my grass court shoes are needing replacement so I wanted another pair of Lotto shoes and there's none around. I sent emails to Lotto direct (months ago) and received no answers and sadly TW couldn't help either (but they did at least replay!). So I found a pair of Nike Vapor X grass court soled shoes from TWEU which arrived a couple of days ago. They feel nice enough, but they're not as comfortable as the Lotto shoes :(

Being Wimbledon season, it would have been nice if Lotto did something (like reply), I know the market is small, but damn, make some available at least, I can't be the only person that wants these shoes. Once you've had proper grass shoes that's all you'll ever want. Even Joma have got grass shoes available at TWEU.

Come on Lotto, lift your game....please.