Lotto Raptor 2021


US or EU size?
So in conclusion, perfect besides initial "snugness"? I re-read to look for criticism but found only praise
US size. That is correct, these shoes are a league above my last pair of shoes, and they feel like an improvement in every possible way. Unfortunately I cannot compare them to shoes of their caliber.


As far as the fit is concerned, I mentioned some snugness in an earlier post when I wore the shoes fresh out of the box. After 2 hours, the snugness has loosened ever so slightly to where the fit is comfortably secure. I had no heel sleeping, and my toes were locked in without any pain or discomfort. If you have a medium width foot, I feel like you can go true to size.
I share this observation. My feet are slightly narrower than medium, true to size 13 US fits well. I also initially felt some snugness (not in any specific location) but it transformed into secure and comfortable fit with strong lateral support that I need due to an ankle sprain I suffered a few months back.
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I'm very late to this shoe, but just got a pair. I played for a couple hours, here are some thoughts.
Like everyone else, I'm loving them. I've been recently in the GP Turbo and the Lotto Mirage -- one is heavy, plush, super cushioned; the other is very light, firm, no cushion. The Raptor is between them, but the weight feels more like the Turbos. The Raptor isn't as springy in the sole as the GP, but it's definitely more cushioned than the Mirage. The toe box in the Raptor is roomier than both of those other two, both in terms of width and height. Feels less cramped.

The first thing that stood out to me with the Raptor was how plush the uppers are, and maybe even more importantly, how well and comfortably the shoe locks down the foot. Not sure if it's the lacing system or the very plush tongue, but I actually found the uppers overall more comfortable than the GP Turbo (which is of course, a super plush shoe). The fit, at least for me, is really quite amazing. I also found that the shoe feels faster than its weight, but it still feels extremely stable laterally. It grips the court well.

One strange thing to note -- the insole, which is very thick and seems to involve two pieces of foam, has split on the side of one. It has produced a mild bunching of the top-most material in the forefoot. Has anyone else experienced that? It's really weird because I've only worn it once. The shoe is such an obviously premium quality shoe, and so it's odd to have this issue immediately.