Louis Armstrong stadium name


Does anyone know how and/or why Louis Armstrong stadium got its name?

I know it's named after 'Satchmo' - but why? Did he have a secret or subtle link to tennis? Otherwise why name a tennis stadium after him - as opposed to a theatre or concert hall?
Louis Armstrong Staduim

Louis Armstrong Stadium existed long before the US Open moved from Forest Hills. They used part of the original structure as the grandstand and built the other part upward for the main stadium (1978). Then in 1997, when they built Arthur Ashe Stadium, they made Louis a little smaller.


If it existed before the U.S. Open moved there, what was it used for previous? Was it a tennis stadium, or used for some other type of venue?

I think you had it right originally: music, festivals, etcetera. It was a long, open structure with low stands around it (pre-1978). I bet the floor was a hot ticket.
If you find an old US Open program (not the Daily Draw), they used to include schematics and a paragraph or two on the move from the West Side Tennis Club to Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The park was the site of the 1960 World's Fair, too. Maybe there's a connection.

Hope that helps. I was just a kid. It's all I remember.
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Satchmo was a native of Queens and I believe continued to reside there for the bulk of his adulthood. The park was indeed a part of the 1964 World's Fair, as the nearby (and rusting) Unisphere attests, and the stadium was a part of the Fair, used for concerts and exhibitions. But here's a better question: how did the West Side Tennis Club, in nearby Forest Hills, get its name?