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    take a look at the link. considering the depth of doubles competition back then when virtually the entire top tne players played doubles as an expectation. How do these two compare with Navratilova/ Shriver?

    "Although she won the U.S. Singles Championship at Forest Hills only in 1947, she was a finalist on five other occasions. Doubles was the stage for her utmost success in the U.S., allied with duPont in possibly the finest female team ever, certainly the most victorious in major events. They won 20 Big Four titles together (12 U.S., five Wimbledon, three French), a mark equaled by Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver in 1989.

    Included in their record dozen U.S. titles was the longest championship run in any of the Big Four Events: nine straight doubles between 1942 and 1950. (Max Decugis and Maurice Germot won the French doubles 10 straight times between 1906 and 1920, but competition then was restricted to French citizens.) Brough and duPont did not enter the U.S. doubles in 1951 and 1952, but they returned to increase their record match winning streak to 41 before narrowly losing the 1953 final to Doris Hart and Shirley Fry, 6-2, 7-9, 9-7, despite holding two match points. As a team in the U.S. doubles they won 12 of 14 times entered and 58 of 60 matches, losing but five sets."

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    Top tier womens doubles together with Lenglen/ Ryan, King/ Casals and Navratilova/ Shriver. I think, Margaret won her last major in mixed doubles with Neale Fraser in the early 60s.
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    9 Straight US Open doubles titles is a staggering number, as is the 20 championships they have as a duo. They are quite comparable to Martina in Pam in the sense that they were the team at their time that you knew you would probably have to beat to win most any tournament you entered. The fact that they have 20 Doubles Slams between them and they never once played in Australia is impressive, and if they ever had played down under especially during the 1940s they would probably have more than 20 titles. But seeing as from what I have read Du Ponts Husband would not allow her to go to Australia they have what they have.

    Dupont on her own was an amazing doubles player, 10 straight US Open titles from 1941-1950, 4 Straight mixed Championships at the US Open from 1943-1946, and the fact that from 1941-1957 she only missed the doubles final at the US Open in 1951 & 52 is downright scary really. Completing the sweep of all the female US Open titles in 1950 (singles doubles and mixed) is impressive to. One of the greatest Doubles players ever without a doubt.
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    It's a shame the top players don't play doubles today but it's a sign of the times. I think the top players think doubles wears them out for singles. Only the Williams sisters play both doubles and singles at majors. Perhaps it's one of the reasons they both have won so many Wimbledon singles.
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    Sometimes Venus and Serena Williams play both the doubles (with each other) and the singles at the majors, although they played only one doubles event together at a major between Wimbledon 2003 and the 2008 Australian Open. However, when they do play together, they tend to win the title, a fact which probably gives the impression that they play doubles quite a lot.

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