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Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ctdeuce, May 13, 2008.

  1. ctdeuce

    ctdeuce Rookie

    Mar 7, 2008
    Can anyone suggest a racquet to me that is in the 98-100 range in headsize that gives you absolutely NO help with power? I produce tons of power and need no help from the racquet at all. The Microgel Extreme Pro which a lot of people find to be low powered is too powerful for me. Same with the Technifibre Tflash 310.

  2. bladepdb

    bladepdb Professional

    May 9, 2008
    The K Factor K Blade 98 is a fairly light racquet. I've tried it, and the weight is about 10.6 oz or so (don't remember exactly) unstrung, so the lightness won't generate power. The 18 x 20 string pattern is dense, so it won't generate power either. Strung at a fairly high tension I think it should suit your desires fairly well and help you keep control since you can already supply the power.

    I personally demo'ed it at about 56 pounds of tension so I was able to get good power out of it as well (I don't generate as much power as you seem to be able to). Going for about 60 or so pounds of tension might be worth your game.

    Hope that helps!
  3. ctdeuce

    ctdeuce Rookie

    Mar 7, 2008
    Thats funny that you suggested 60lbs since that's what I use now on my extreme pro's.

    I will give the kblade 98 a demo then. I need a few more options though.

    Right now i'm waiting on a K6.2, N6.2, and aeropro cortex to come in the mail (demos) and once my week with those is up if I don't love anything there, I will put through another demo order.
  4. bladepdb

    bladepdb Professional

    May 9, 2008
    Oh interesting, I'm not familiar with the 6.2 line of Wilson. Just saw the specs on the K6.2, looks amazingly light. You might already have a good racquet then lol.

    Good luck with your demos then!
  5. ctdeuce

    ctdeuce Rookie

    Mar 7, 2008
    Thanks! I'm really hoping that's the one. I love the graphics...the specs look good for me...thats pretty much all I can tell until I hit with it. I don't care about companies or anything trivial like that...just give me a racquet that feels good and i'm in business :)
  6. awebb

    awebb Rookie

    Jul 16, 2005
    O3 Tour MP
  7. bladepdb

    bladepdb Professional

    May 9, 2008
    I actually just demo'ed that two days ago, not good if you generate your own power. In fact I only generate an average amount of power and I instantly lost control, so for someone generating their own speed, it'll be overkill almost every shot.
  8. miniRafa386

    miniRafa386 Hall of Fame

    Jun 10, 2007
    microgel radical mp sounds right for you.
  9. [K]Topspin

    [K]Topspin Guest

    Fischer. Theres nothing like it. I think you should also try the K90. I know you said you watned a midplus stick, but it's quite easy to get used to. And after you do, you'll be hitting like never before.
  10. pmerk34

    pmerk34 Legend

    Sep 16, 2007
    L. Island, NY
    Head MG Prestige MP.
  11. ctdeuce

    ctdeuce Rookie

    Mar 7, 2008
    I hit with an extreme pro now when i'm not using the technifibre...are the prestige and radical models all that much different on power?
  12. Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket Hall of Fame

    Jan 12, 2006
    San Francisco, CA
    Being someone that "produces tons of power" and needs "no help from the racquet at all", I am curious, what level are you playing? Sounds like you're pretty good.

    Anyway, you'll want to look at flexible rackets. For the least amount of power produced for a given swing speed, you'll want a light frame, a headlight balance, a low swing weight, and a low stiffness. The light Fischer frames are about as good as anything else I can think of. The "team" rackets from most manufacturers are going to do a nice job (Wilson ksix-one team, Babolat Pure Storm Team). Avoid thick-beamed rackets (stiff rackets), heavy frames (assuming you're as good a player as you make it sound), and those with a high swingweight and open string pattern.
  13. Nellie

    Nellie Hall of Fame

    Oct 4, 2004
    If you look at the TW university information, it is interesting to note that power comes from (1) stiffness and (2) wieght. So "control" racquets like a K95 are acutally the most powerful racquets, due to their weights.

    According the TW university, the lowest powered racquet is the Wilson K-Fury - you can see that it is really light, and very flexible.

    I don't know how playible it is, but I think it more of a platform for customization.
  14. fuzz nation

    fuzz nation Legend

    Oct 20, 2006
    Something with more than average flexibility - including the Fischers - and a firm stringjob should put you in the ballpark. The midplus Donnay Pro One has only moderate power, even with a set of lively multifiber. The Prince NXG midplus is also on the mellow side - I string mine two or three lbs. above the rec'd max with syn gut and it behaves just fine.
  15. matchmaker

    matchmaker Hall of Fame

    Aug 16, 2007
    If you look for a low powered racquet in the 100 s.i. range it will be more difficult to find one than in the midsize range because the larger the head the more power. Anyway the nfury midplus is certainly the solution for you at a flex of 50 RA and a very low weight the racquet has absolutely no power.
  16. tlimster

    tlimster Rookie

    Aug 19, 2007
    I agree with the opinion on the Fischer and the Radical, which are both very flexy, as well as the Prestige Mid and Aerogel/M-Fil 200. Also I'd add old school frames like the Pro Staff 6.0 85 and Prince Graphite 90, or even the Prince Boron, which is so heavy that it ends up slowing your swing down.

    The Microgel Extreme Pro is actually pretty powerful compared to all of the above racquets.

    If none of those work then you can try the wood Maxply McEnroe that John was using on Tennis Channel last night.
  17. Commando Tennis Shorts

    Commando Tennis Shorts Hall of Fame

    Jul 17, 2007
    How about the Yonex RDS 001 MP?
  18. AC Tennis

    AC Tennis Rookie

    May 6, 2004
    Low power rackets

    I'd recommend the Yonex RQiS Tour 1. Probably the lowest powered player's racket I've tried. Even Hewitt switched back to the RDS 001, and he takes a full cut at almost all his shots.
  19. Steve Huff

    Steve Huff Legend

    Feb 11, 2004
    Per the USRSA's racquettech, they rated Avery rackets as having the least power (a couple of years ago anyway). I would also second Fischer Pro 1s. They have lots of control, but you have to supply the power.
  20. Il Mostro

    Il Mostro Banned

    Apr 12, 2008
    Sunny SoCal
    I'd throw the K-Blade Tour in the mix, maybe even the KB 98 which is fairly underpowered. Both are control oriented.
  21. NoMansLandPlayer

    NoMansLandPlayer Rookie

    Jan 15, 2007
    in my opinion, these have very little power:

    KFactor Six One Team
    Fischer Magnetic Tour SL
    PK Redondo Mid and MP
  22. dunno

    dunno Rookie

    Oct 11, 2006
    Maryland, USA
    You should try different strings before getting completely new rackets. Seriously try some lower powered strings at maybe a higher tension. If you still want more of a players racket then I can say my Donnay pro one Internationals are low power but if you can put the power into them with good technique you will be rewarded.
  23. matchmaker

    matchmaker Hall of Fame

    Aug 16, 2007
    I repeat my statement. This is absolutely the lowest powered racquet in stock form.

    Check out this.


    [/QUOTE]Here's a snip from the list I've been acquiring for years. Yes I'm well aware some USRSA specs differ from TW numbers. Feel free to choose which you prefer. There are better ways to estimate power if you are good with math, but the following list is a good easy starting point. Quite a few oldies in there, they are making frames stiffer every year. I left them in for comparison sake.

    Key: USRSA power index_weight/SW_headsize_flex

    Note: USRSA power index = (length index × headsize × flex × swingweight) ÷ 1000. Length index calculation: 27" = 1.0, 27.5" = 1.05; 28" = 1.1.

    Note: Formula assumes each frame is swung at same speed.

    ••••••• 947 ••••••••

    0947_334/348_085_32 Head Arthur Ashe Comp III
    1197_373/320_085_44 Wilson Pro Staff Midsize
    1260_353/335_080_47 Dunlop Max 200G (McEnroe/S.Graff)
    1302_354/326_085_47 Head Arthur Ashe Competition Edge
    1426_285/297_100_48 Wilson nFury 100

    •••••••• 1500 ••••••••

    1511_333/300_095_53 Cayman Pro Heat II
    1570_326/291_093_58 Head i Prestige mid ( later of 2 releases )
    1591_267/299_095_56 Cayman Air light

    •••••••• 1600 ••••••••

    1635_325/298_095_55 Yonex RD Ti 50 Long
    1643_331/310_093_57 Pro Kennex Type C 93 Redondo Edition
    1663_346/303_090_61 Fischer Vacuum Pro Classic 90
    1678_342/311_093_58 Head Prestige Tour 300 Mid
    1683_345/328_095_54 Yonex RD 7
    1687_285/296_095_60 Wilson PS 6.6 Titanium MP

    •••••••• 1700 ••••••••

    1702_270/279_107_57 Bancroft Ace Advantage
    1705_318/290_098_60 Yonex Ultimum RD Ti 80
    1708_339/321_095_56 Dunlop 200G 95 Muscle Weave
    1712_337/312_098_56 Fischer M Speed Pro No. 1 98
    1723_325/303_095_57 Yonex RD Power 6 Long
    1730_335/314_102_54 Head Satellite Tour
    1739_319/306_098_58 Volkl Cat 10
    1740_336/308_093_60 Volkl Tour 10 VE Mid
    1741_331/312_090_62 Yonex RDX 500 Mid
    1743_341/311_095_59 Fischer Vacuum Pro Mono 95
    1746_302/292_098_61 Head Ti Radical MP
    1755_276/312_098_56 Wilson n5 Force 98
    1762_348/321_098_56 Volkl C-10
    1763_310/304_100_58 Wavex AD 2002
    1763_280/304_100_58 Wilson Pro Staff Blitz
    1764_328/315_100_56 Pro Kennex Type R
    1766_346/332_095_56 Dunlop M Fil 200
    1766_298/315_095_59 Wilson nPS 95
    1773_320/312_098_58 Volkl C-9 pro
    1773_300/311_095_60 Wilson HPS 6.5 MP
    1780_331/319_093_60 Volkl Tour 10 Mid
    1782_290/278_102_63 Dunlop 500G 102
    1783_276_282_102_62 Volkl Boris Becker 5
    1784_322/289_098_63 Power Angle Power 98
    1787_289/293_100_61 Tour 6 Gen II
    1787_289/293_100_61 Volkl Tour 6 Gen 2
    1790_335/314_095_60 Dunlop 200G 95 Tour Specification

    •••••••• 1800 ••••••••

    1800_329/295_100_61 Fischer Mono Power 4 MP
    1800_313/305_100_59 Wilson nPro Surge
    1801_314/296_095_61 Dunlop 200g XL
    1804_260/262_097_71 Gosen Secret Carbon Lite
    1805_288/282_100_64 Volkl Tour 8 Special Edition
    1808_346/307_095_62 Avery M3 Control
    1811_298/303_098_61 Volkl C-8 Pro
    1811_312/307_100_59 Fischer Pro Tour
    1816_276/320_095_59 Wilson H Blaze 95
    1817_340/301_095_62 Fisher Pro Tour Extreme FT
    1820_338/321_090_63 Vantage VT001
    1822_310/319_102_56 Head FXP Prestige Team
    1822_344/322_093_59 Head Classic Mid
    1830_346/326_093_60 Pro Kennex Type C 93
    1830_340/328_093_60 Volkl DNX 10 Mid
    1832_326/311_095_62 Wilson Pro Staff Tour 95
    1833_299/299_098_59 Volkl C9 Pro extended
    1836_354/323_098_58 Pro Kennex Type C 98
    1839_354/323_085_67 Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 Original Mid 85
    1840_268/298_098_63 Fischer Vacuum Pro spin 98
    1841_326/285_095_68 MegaAge M.2 TCL 95 ACP
    1841_297/282_102_64 Fischer Ti Smash
    1844_312/318_100_58 Fischer Mono Power 2 MP
    1844_302/282_100_63 Dunlop 400g 100
    1852_299/299_105_59 Yonex Super RQ 500
    1854_294/312_102_59 Head FXP Radical Team
    1855_261/281_100_66 Babolat Pure Drive Zylon 360
    1860_339/317_095_61 Pro Kennex Core 1 No. 06
    1871_299/327_097_59 Wilson W6 Blue Steel
    1871_333/313_098_61 Yonex RDX 500 HD
    1872_344/320_090_65 Yonex RDS 001 90
    1872_334/323_095_61 Vantage VT002
    1873_326/308_095_64 Slazenger Phantom
    1874_297/322_097_60 Wilson W6 Wild Crimson
    1874_313/311_098_58 Volkl C-10 Pro Extended
    1875_289/312_105_54 Fischer Revolution Comp 105
    1877_344/342_093_59 Volkl C-10 Pro Tour
    1877_323/098_098_60 Yonex MP Tour 5
    1880_341/326_093_62 Head Prestige Classic 600
    1880_297/288_102_64 Volkl Catapult V1 MP
    1881_346/334_088_64 Yonex RD Ti Mid 88
    1889_319/306_098_63 Volkl Quantum 10 Tour
    1893_277/284_102_63 Fischer Strike Ti
    1894_326/302_095_66 Dunlop Revelation Tour MP

    •••••••• 1900 ••••••••

    1902_274/283_105_64 Volkl Tour 5
    1902_309/308_098_63 Dunlop M Fil 300
    1902_315/329_098_59 Wilson nBlade 98
    1903_324/312_100_61 Prince O3 Tour 100 MP
    1905_274/288_105_63 Volkl Tour 6
    1907_309/297_098_63 Fischer Pro No 1 FT
    1908_342/318_100_60 Head Flexpoint Radical Tour MP
    1917_310/304_097_65 Babolat Pure Control Zylon 360
    1919_322/306_098_64 Yonex RDX 500 MP
    1947_334/314_100_62 Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 5g
    1921_328/321_095_60 Yonex RD Power 7 Long 95
    1924_314/298_100_63 Prince Tour Diablo MP
    1924_322/303_098_64 Volkl Tour 9 VE (76 Holes)
    1925_341_307_110_57 Cayman Pro Talis II
    1926_304/307_098_64 Dunlop 300G 98
    1926_321/320_102_59 Head Classic Tour MP
    1927_311/312_095_65 Wavex AD 2010
    1928_323/311_100_62 Pro Kennex Kinetic Ionic 10 PSE
    1929_298/307_095_63 Yonex MP 3i 95
    1931_354/325_090_66 Wilson nSix-One Tour
    1932_340/310_093_67 Prince Tour Diablo Mid
    1932_334/308_098_64 Fischer Pro No 1
    1933_248/270_110_62 Pro Kennex Ti PBT Destiny
    1937_359/329_092_64 Prince NXGraphite Mid
    1937_335/318_105_58 Fischer M Pro No. 1 ( 105 )
    1938_319/342_098_62 Volkl C-7 Pro
    1941_336/305_095_67 Slazenger X1 Pro
    1944_345/312_093_67 Head Flexpoint Mid
    1945_338/315_095_65 Head 03 Tour Mid
    1947_306/295_100_66 Head iTour MP
    1947_321/301_098_66 Volkl Tour 9 VE (70 Holes)
    1947_324/309_100_63 Pro Kennex Kinetic Ionic 5
    1947_324/309_100_63 Pro Kennex Kinetic Ionic 5
    1950_273_323_115_50 Wilson n3
    1951_335/311_098_64 Head iPrestige MP
    1956_279/292_100_67 Gosen Carbon Pure
    1957_321/298_098_67 Volkl Tour 9
    1957_329/317_098_63 Head LM Prestige MP
    1960_351/325_090_67 Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90

    •••••••• 1960 ••••••••

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