low tension poly in Extreme Tour, Ezone98, vcore98,tt310, speed etc


Thinking of picking up a lighter, mid stiffness racquet. I usually play thin beam heavier sticks. I am ~4.0.

My question is whether anyone has experience playing full poly at low tensions (<45) successfully in any of the racquets listed in the thread title (or any other racquet in that similar spec). No point in me picking one these up if I am forced to use a multifilament strung tight. thx.


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Playing a 300-305 g racquet with a full poly at around 45lbs or lower is a very common setup, at least in Europe (in the US it seems that players tend to enjoy havier racquets at higher string tension).

My older son plays with a stock Head Instinct MP strung with Solinco tour bite 1.25 @20-18 kg (44-40). He is around 5.5.

On the ATP tour, Tiafoe plays with an approx 307g racquet at 44 lbs according to this source:

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I've strung my TT310 as low as 35lbs, played pretty well although I prefer it around 45lbs. I rarely string any poly above 48lbs tbh.


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I have my Extreme Tours strung at 46 lbs. No (string or tension) issues when it comes to control.
Next time I get them restrung, I might try lower. The only issue I consider, is how good the string holds its tension.
My favorite strings a couple of years ago was the Volkl V-Star, which was great after an hour or so. But that string loses tension quite fast after a while. The problem is then not that it's unplayable (even though many claim this for many strings), but more so that the actual tension is much, much, much lower than what you started with, esp. if you like 50+ lbs. If I understand this correctly the string will settle into its own tension range after a while, and for the V-Star that was in the high 30s / low 40s. That being said, I think I'd love that now tbh :)

Freshly strung, 46 lbs is more than stiff enough for great control with the strings I've tried so far: Lynx 1.25, Focus Hex / Soft.
I think I could go all the way down to 40 lbs with a 1.30/16 gauge control poly.