Lower powered than MG Radical?


A friend of mine is looking for a racquet that is lower powered than his Microgel Radical. Any ideas? Thanks!


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In my experience my Ultra Tour has more pop than my old first gen mg radicals.

Honestly, I don’t think there are many racquets with lower power. Maybe the Prince TT95. But even then, pretty sure it’s not lower. The Mg Rad is a platform frame and really low powered. Why does he need even less power? Tighter/stiffer strings would help.


Thanks for the responses. He just feels like he still has too much pop with the Rad. He's going to try stringing tighter and see if that's the solution. I forgot to mention he's also looking for something inexpensive. $220 for the Ultra Tour would be too much for him. Perhaps IF he can find the older Tec. T-fight 315 Limited... The PK Redondo is a good option. Also, I think @vsbabolat has said that the GrapheneXT Prestige MP is the lowest powered graphite racquet he's ever used, and that should be coming down in price in the next few months. If anyone has any other ideas, let 'em fly! Thanks!


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Babolat Pure Control 95 is low powered too. But to be honest i really can't think of anything that is materially lower powered than an MG Radical.
Does he hit with a lot of spin? Going to Prestige MP (which is low pwered) could help but it's also an 18x20. If he does not generate a ton of spin with. 16x19, it in theory would be harder with a tighter 18x20 pattern. He could also look at Volkl VSense 10 series.


i thought stock mid+ mg rad was one of the lowest powered rackets I've ever hit. If mg rad has too much power for your friend, i don't know what to say. You could tune power with strings and tension.
The lowest powered graphite racket I have ever hit with is a Snauwaert Ellipse (the 3-pronged one). Solid, great for volleys, absolutely no power, 93 sq in. Hits like the proverbial board. And, there are probably some still available if you look a little.


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He can probably still find a Pro Staff 95. At its stock specs it's ridiculously fast and low powered. Add the open string pattern and it's easy to add spin for even more control.

If he cannot control the ball with that frame, then he needs lessons.


Not sure if they're still available but the Babolat Pure Storm limited gt is as low powered as anything.


Head IG Prestige MP (more power /more harsh)
Babolat Pure Control Tour 98 (med power /less harsh)
ProKexxex Redondo C98 (less power /med harsh)