Lowest powered pre-stretched polys?


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My criteria for string that suits my game is a pre-stretched poly that feels dead. Yet, I get the poly strung at lower tension than normal people do, so the dead feel doesn't damage me physically (any further than its already established viciously cruel tendencies). I went through the reviews of poly strings and came up with these two as being rated lowest in power, and have demoed both of them several times:
ISO SPEED Black Fire 1.25
Signum Pro Poly Plasma (comes in different gauges)
My experience with the Black Fire is probably slightly more favorable.
So, I am just curious if there are other lower powered strings that I missed in the reviews. I also tried the reviews on the main international stringing site, but they have some unpopular-manufacture polys there, and couldn't find sellers of them here in the US anyway. Plus, their string-testing rating might be differently calibrated than the scale rating of this site's string reviews.


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Low power strings. Define that please...objectively...
Or are they reporting subjectively (reviews)..
It very hard to put a string in one category.
Add Subjectiveness and you go nuts..
The string bed alone have a number of variables when diving into power (low) ...not even getting into the frame...
Example: slap a low powered string in a 14 x 16 frame...mileage and speed limit can vary...
String Pattern, Dynamic Tension, Gauge, String stiffness, String Type, Tension Loss, Players Swing Speed ( say average) and more..


One way to at least narrow down some low powered strings would be strings with LOW ENERGY RETURNED
This link you can drive yourself.

These are just string the bottom of listed strings (by energy loss).
A value of under 80 for energy returned as shown below
Note: the king of highest energy returned would be natural gut.
Polyfibre Black Venom 16L (1.25)
Double AR Twice Shark (1.25)
Polyfibre Hightec Premium 17
Wilson Enduro Tour 17
Polyfibre Cobra 17/1.20
Double AR Diablo (1.24)
Polyfibre TCS 16L
Polyfibre Hexablade 17L (1.18)
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 16L
Polyfibre Hightec Premium 16/1.30
Polyfibre Viper 16L/1.25
Polyfibre TCS 17
Polyfibre TCS Rapid 16L/1.25
Poly Star Classic 17 (1.20)
Polyfibre Hexablade 16L (1.25)
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 16/1.30
Polyfibre Hightec Premium 16L
Polyfibre TCS 16/1.30
Polyfibre Viper 17/1.20
Poly Star Turbo 16L (1.25)
Poly Star Turbo 16 (1.30)
Poly Star Energy 17 (1.20)
Poly Star Energy 16 (1.30)
Poly Star Energy 16L (1.25)

Bottom-line as you know, nothing beat hand on testing.
You are the last say in the matter.


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I was using the same term that TW uses in their string review rating. They use "power" and I assume that is related to "low energy returned." I'll look at the websites and list of strings. Thanks.


I am not sure which strings are prestretched. I THINK 4g is and and THINK Weiss Cannon spikey shark is. But they dont really say. @esgee48 seems to know this stuff.

I thought spiky shark and Mosquito bite were pretty low powered. Prince Tournapoly is pretty low powered too but I think its not around anymore.