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Lucie announces retirement from tennis
NOV 10, 2018by MORGANEin NEWS
This weekend, Lucie Safarova is in Prague, to attend the Fed Cup final. She just gave a press conference to announce her retirement from tennis.
The Australian Open 2019 will be her last tournament and she will retire both from the singles and doubles competition.
Lucie has been struggling since 2015 with health issues and this is the main reason behind her decision.



The TCP was the last straw I think in her decision. TCP is The Tennis Channel Plus. Being in TCP documentary series are usually the end of the road. Of course, Nicole Gribbs is still playing in ITF $80K circuit tournaments so I might be wrong about that too!

Lucie was a baker in France? I think before trying her hand in pro tennis as a career. She did it on impulse too. Gave up a job making donuts and the like, to make millions and be famous to for four-five years especially in doubles play but she was ranked in top 50 in singles most of her career until injuries.
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Sad to hear this. She was one of the most likeable and talented players on the WTA tour.

She won 7 singles titles (but surprisingly, no big ones) the highlight of her singles career being her run to the 2015 French Open final where she lost to Serena Williams in 3 sets. She also made the semi-finals of Wimbledon in 2014.

Her doubles career was much more illustrious. Here she won 5 Slam titles and 5 Premier Mandatory titles all but one of them with her long time partner, Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

On a personal level she was once the fiancée of fellow Czech player Tomas Berdych for several years (they broke up in 2011).


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As an aside, I think that her surname is pronounced something like ''Sha-fa-zha-va'' in Czech. There are diacritic marks on the ''S'' and ''r'' which turn them in to ''sh'' and ''zh'' sounds respectively.


Gosh, this is awful. :cry: And Radwanska is also considering it because of her foot. I'm starting to fear for my third favourite, Bencic, who's also very injury prone...

It was a pity that her singles career, despite some good moments, never really took off. Her playing style could've made some serious damage if only her head helped a bit more. I'll miss her demeanour and that lefty FH the most (except when it was throwing UFE upon UFE, of course). At least, she forged a pretty nice doubles career.

On the bright side, she can finally hone her dance moves.


A fine player and an even better person.

She will be missed, but I hope to see her in some capacity around the Czech Tennis Federation.

A 'fine' player? You gotta be kitty.

Singles: 1 GS runner-up, 1 GS SF, 17 WTA titles, Highest ranking #5
Doubles: 5 time GS champion, Highest ranking world no.1
National: 5 time Fed cup champion, 1 Olympic bronze medal


Shame that team Bucie's (probable) domination of the tour was cut short by Bethanie's horrific injury.
They could've been doubles ATGs, in my opinion.
She also pushed Williams to a third set in the RG final in a period where Serena was destroying everyone.
I've always loved her game and grunt (such a legendary grunt).
Nice girl too.


I really like her too. She had lots of potential even in the singles game. Her health problems unfortunately came in the way.
Agreed. She should have won a slam ... certainly had the game to do so. Wish she would continue to play doubles at least ...
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To be honest...I'm not surprised. She has had a seemingly endless string of issues with fitness/injuries for years. I have always enjoyed her, and wish she would at least continue to play doubles, however I can understand why she is choosing not to do that. I wish she had won a singles major, as at her absolute best she was a site to see on the courts in singles. Best of luck post tennis.


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As an aside, I think that her surname is pronounced something like ''Sha-fa-zha-va'' in Czech. There are diacritic marks on the ''S'' and ''r'' which turn them in to ''sh'' and ''zh'' sounds respectively.
Yep, she pronounces in her My tennis life video from 20 seconds onwards. And her first name is pronounced Lutsieh, not the English pronounciation of her name.

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I am crying too my friend.
You can't find a better person than her. Well, maybe only Petra. :)
... and how often is there agreement on this? Definitely seems like a super nice person -- I was always impressed with her interviews. Glad to read so many others noticed the same about Lucie.

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Outstanding doubles player and a singles player who was incredibly tough when 'on'. Very much a Kvitova-lite. I was there for her match against Li Na in the Australian Open a few years back where she held match point and it was easily one of the most entertaining matches I've seen in person. She will be missed.