Lucky Schroeder died

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by urban, May 27, 2006.

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    Apr 22, 2005
    Ted 'Lucky' Schroeder died yesterday at 84 in his sleep, maybe the luckiest death thinkable. He was a great US Champion in the post WWII years, winning Wimbledon in his only attempt in 1949. Had maybe the hardest draw ever. There were only 8 seeds, and the Nr. 2 American, but unseeded Gardnar Mulloy had complained about the draw. So the All England Club let Mulloy himself make the draw - and he drew none other than Nr. 1 seed Schroeder in 1st round. Schroeder had a five setter here, and further five setters vs. Segman, who held 2 matchpoints in quarters, and Drobny in finals. Schroeder didn't play often the big tournaments, but was a great link in the US Davis Cup teams. In 1949 he lost a great US final to Pancho Gonzales, after beeing up 2 sets. His great friend, Jack Kramer, often suggested, that Ted lost it on purpose, to not have to play the pro tour. Ted Schroeder was not the player with the best strokes, but possibly with the best nerves, an attacking volleyer. A great character with a rolling walk, and a corn pipe, who was immensly popular among players and public.
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    cool didn't know that.
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    His son was a golfer who played a number of years on the PGA tour.

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