Lukas Rosol


What do you think of this guy's career? After beating Nadal he played mostly on the challenger tour for the rest of 2012. Played very well in early 2013, winning his first title at Bucharest and reaching #33 in the rankings. Then he played terrible in the summer of 2013, suffering a 10 match losing streak. The end of 2013 and the beginning of this year were a bit better, with solid performances in Vienna and Dubai. He is now ranked #47. This guy is a pleasure to watch when playing well, the Nadal match and some of his matches in Bucharest were unreal. The power he can generate is really unbelievable. I would rank Rosol as on of the top 5 hardest hitters on tour. His footwork and tactics are abysmal though. Do you think maybe a new coach could help him improve those areas and play his peak level more consistently? Who would be a good coach for him? How good could he be with some better coaching?


rosol could be a bit higher in the rank charts..maybe top 32..

but destroying rafa at Wimbledon will remain his career high point.


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Watched him at the Irving Challenger, he was hitting the ball very well, think he will do ok at Miami if he plays.


Typical Nadal-fan logic.

Davydenko leads Nadal in H2H - "well, they never played in a Slam, so the H2H doesn't count"

Then Rosol leads Nadal in Slam H2H - "so what, they have an even H2H after Nadal beat him at Qatar, which is a more important tournament than Wimbledon anyway"
He plays unintelligently. He controls every match he plays, very rarely does his opponent have much say in who wins his matches. But that doesn't win matches when you go for winners on every shot, including those you really don't have. A switch to controlled aggression rather than a purely power-based game would do him some good.


Just won the Irving Challenger!! Won the last two sets 1 & 0 against Stakhovsky and beat Johnson 3 & 0 in the final. Looks like another GOATsol sighting! The ranking points will definitely help.


Did he play Stevie J? Holy crap. 6-3, 6-0 is amazing against a solid player like Johnson. Steve is a great player too


Sure, because Nadal was a lot older and past his prime than Federer when Rosol beat him...

Oh wait
But I think Rosol played better in the Nadal match than Berdych played when Berdych beat Federer at Wimbledon. If not better then at least equal. Plus I know for sure that Rosol played better vs Nadal than Robredo played when Robredo beat Federer at the US Open.