Luke Jensen: Team Awesome On & Off the Court (Plus, 2020 World Team Tennis season preview!)

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Luke Jensen has never been short on enthusiasm or passion for the sport of tennis! He talks to us this episode about the positive role models he has had in his life to help lead to his success at every level on and off the court. Between an amazing upbringing and competitive family, he also has gotten sage advice from names like Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King. He's a French Open Champion, a commentator, a coach, a mentor, and now the Vice President of AWESOME at World Team Tennis! He gives us a peek into what we can expect for this year's competition at the Greenbrier and some of the competitors to keep an eye on. We also talk about the history of the sport, the current state of the sport, we give gear and fashion advice, and so much more!

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This was great. Luke’s energy is infectious. I could listen to him talking about anything and be entertained.
I was a ball boy for him at World Teamtennis in the mid 1990s.He and Murphy were awesome in that environment.