Lunar Ballistec Size & a couple of other questions.

Discussion in 'Talk Tennis Europe - English' started by PaulFCB, Feb 12, 2014.

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Since people keep on saying this about the new Nike Lunar, I would like an official response from some who sells them and might actually compare them.
    My perfect size for 4.3 is European Size 44.5 ( 28,5 cm ). As some people recommend half or even one size smaller for the Lunar, I would like a clear opinion since I might order a pair soon and I would like them to fit perfectly.
    So, can someone from the Store, say, make a comparison? Should I get 44.5 or should I go for 44 for these?
    Don't have where to try them, only red 9.5 from AO has been spotted in local Nike stores.
    Also, has Nike made any adjustments to shirt sizes? My version of Nadal's shirt from AO 2013 ( he played in it at the clay American tournaments ) is perfectly at XL, I'm 1.88 in height. It actually seemed smaller than most of Nike football shirts which sometimes are better L. I would be interested in his 2014 AO shirts and I still am confused if to chose between L and XL as I've seen an L in a store and it seemed quite big.

    Another q is regarding the "Legends Never Die" Shirts from Nike. I would have bought a couple of them but only one color still has XL, any chance stocks will be renewed. I'm interested in the Orange and Gray ones.

    Also, does this model, have any chance to be sold on TWE?
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    Hello PaulFCB,

    1. Our TW playtesters reported:
    Length fits slightly long. If between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size. Width is medium, but is customizable with the Adaptive Fit. Arch support is medium. No break-in required. So we recommend that he would go with 44 - but as I always point out: This is our recommendation only, and not a recommendation from Nike.

    2. No. Not that we have heard in tennis - we can't speak for the other
    sports. If you bought a XL in tennis (nadal shirt), then stick with the
    same sizing for any future shirts you want to buy within tennis.

    3. Unfortunately what we have is what we got in the Legends Never Die

    4. Unfortunately we will not carry this shoe.


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