Luuxilon Element Forest Green


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That's interesting, I sort of feel like mine has died.
I've been using it off and on but went back to it the other night.
Maybe it just doesn't feel as fresh as my other racquet, which was more recently strung.
But I did like the feel fir the first few days after it was strung.
Maybe Luxilon just designs their strings to die?


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-well, i am on my second test pack
-i went down to 52lbs from 53!!
-when new, this plays more like a ux.alu.power
-but the more i hit with it, the more "the element" shows up
-the darker color seems to make this string a bit "CRISPer"
-but as ive said, the longer its on your racquet the more comfortable it becomes

-on a side note, the color "army green" pops a lot more when playing outdoors, not so much indoors :love:
-great color combo to the v8s (y)(y)
Thanks for the insight. Do you normally play with 1.25?

post a pic of the v8.


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Looks great. Would love this for my 2015 Blades, would be an instant switch from the original colour if playability is close. Might have to get in my local shop's ear!