luxilon copies


I've been around for some time on these boards and have heard people swear by several different polys. Now I'm not much of a poly player, but I just use it on nat gut hybrids. so far all of my hybrids have been done with Luxilon variations (ace, bb orig, alu power, etc.) and i'm realizing luxilon is basically the most expensive poly out there. I was wondering if someone could recommend the single closest string to luxilon big banger alu power (pref. rough) that they can think of and let me know how it compares. thanks a lot.

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In all my searching, the Unique Big Hitter was the most similar.

Even so, I've settled on Top Spin Cyber Flash. It players differently, but plays very well. You can get 726 feet of it for around $63 and there is nothing that comes close.

In the end, there are more similarities between all the poly's than there are differences. I've never played one I didn't like.


-I just went back and read your post and saw that you want a ALU Rough clone. Check out the Signum Pro Hextreme.