Luxilon Element?


In the racquet section, a page from the upcoming Wilson catalog was posted and in the bottom corner you could see a package of orange Luxilon string called Element. Could TW shine a little light on the string in terms of what type of string it is and its release?

TW Staff


The string will be launching in early September. We are just starting a playtest on it and will have a review ready to go for launch. We don't want to give away too much but so far we have found it to have a great combination of control, spin and feel as well as being extremely comfortable.

Brittany, TW
I've been using a version of Luxilon Bronze which I believe was a test version of Element.

Best string I've ever used. Switched from Champions Choice to a full set of this string now.

It's got great pocket and feel along with power. Hard to believe it feels better than the gut/lux combo.

Heard the same about being in stores beginning of September.


I get shoulder pain with stiff strings, specially poly. Recently I have been trialing with Wilson NXT / Lux Fluoro Combo using my Wilsion Juice racquet. Full bed and Hybrid combo analysis of Element is appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks to TW for letting me participate in the playtest. Bottom line, it's a great string. I posted my comments on the Luxilon playtest if anybody wants to take a look at it. It's a great string and something long in the making from Luxilon.

TW - Now that it's September, any ideas when this string is coming out. I can't wait to switch over to this new string and will this come in 16g and 17g?

TW Staff


We are expecting the string to arrive any day now, keep checking back in the next few days. It will be available in 16G and 16L.

Marco, TW