Luxilon Elite Dry Grip... right side?


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Hi everyone,

I have only one „dumb“ question… sorry… but: What is the right side of the Luxilon Elite Dry Grip?

First I thought that I have catched a bad product (lack of production) and the little adhesive tape is on the wrong side. Why? Because the film is on the tacky side and not on the dry… and they are described as dry, not as tacky.

I want to replace my Tourna Grips that I used for years and read that they would be very similar but a bit more cushioned and durable… and I like the color. So, how to wrap them properly?

Thanks in advance.

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I thought it was understood that OGs
could be used from either side, the one with the plastic is bit more tacky and the other side is a bit more dry. I personally start with the dry up but the friction on the bottom side makes it dry as well, so I can reuse it.

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So, the adhesive on the handle and the dry side on the outside... what I grab, right? OK, then it looks similar to Tourna and feels similar to Tourna (although less handy), but: why ist the inside tacky and feels more like the really "right" side and why they cut it on the "wrong“ side… the oblique side?


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I used Yonex superwrap for a long time before switching to Luxilon completely. I remember i had the same thought. Is the inside supposed to be the right side, since it's more tacky. But then, after using the outside of the Luxilon grip, it became clear to me that's what it's intended for. Extremly comfortable, just enough tackiness that it would stay in your hand after a smacking forehand but not too tacky like Yonex grip that you can't change grip as fast. I would say it's a more comfortable Tourna. Both of them wont last long though. I have to change grip after 3 4 sets. But maybe i was gripping the handle too loose? The grip just piles up and shed on where i hold it.