Lxn BB Original was modified?

Eiki Saito

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i never tested before... but i wanna to know if in all these years this string was release with any modification...

just to know...

I didnt saw about it....


Tennis sprew

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Where it did feel soft and plaint it now feels/sounds plasticy. Used to, it pocketed well. It was never a real spin string, but was very comfortable.
I have it in a prestige mid @51 and it is decent. I wouldn’t use it as my preferred string but it is ok.


I have an Aero Storm I use BBO in at 40lbs. It feels both crisp and soft(ish) for a poly at 40. It's weighted up a bit and I am not remotely rewarded with subdued hitting with it. When you swing out, it has amazing spin.
It also seems to last forever. One of the few strings, as well as Revolve, I can play with even when dead(but it's harder on the arm).


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BBO is the goat poly. Spin, power, feel, etc. Dies very quickly though, at least the original version did. If I could restring daily, I would never use another string, but that’s not realistic for me. It’s not manufactured in its original form at the current time, but it’s still relatively close. You should try it, but it will spoil you for using other strings.