M.Cecchinato will beat Novak Djokovic at RG 2018

Sunny Ali

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Brilliant, Suresh bhai! No doubt, Sunny bhai knows a thing or three about fitness! What's that thing in Sunny's hand, is that meat?

But let us face it - Novak's supposed vegan/vegetarian diet isn't working. He needs to start eating like Sunny Deol to become as strong as him.



GOAT prediction thread.

Although I do think it was a positive week for Djokovic in Paris. He lost to the luckiest man alive. They lost the blokes paperwork which would’ve sealed him as a match fixer lmao.


What was the thread? Did they also predict Querry beating Djovak at Wimby BEFORE the start out the tournament?

If not then this is more epic
I posted a link to it somewhere on page 1. A user called HipRotation made the thread in Feb 2016. Querrey beat Novak in July in a 4th set tiebreak at the time he was World No 1, defending wimbledon champ and held all 4 Slams simultaneously.