m-fil 200?!


I'm looking for a good cheap stick that I will use for a long time. Is the M-FIL where its at? or is the LM radical better?!

thanks in advance :D


Depends on what you want. The Mfil will offer more inherit spin and a livelier string bed. The Rad more control and a steadier feel. It's all about what you want.


Control is decent, power is kind of moderate I'd say. I put lead tape on mine and got it closer to 11.75 or 11.8 oz. The static swingweight is low so you can adjust it to your preference.


Bionic Poster
Mfil 200's at 18x20 are right at 12.5 oz strung. Plenty of power with some long strokes.
LM's seem really light, stiffer in the head, more like 300's to me.
Serves little difference. My regular hitting partner uses LM, and we switch when goofing around. He likes the one oz lighter weight, I like the one oz heavier weight.