M in my name stands for mercy :- Rafael Nadal

Is Rafael nadal the greatest warrior of tennis world?

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Maybe Rafa
Love and respect the Bull
For real...

But since I can’t see into a man’s soul...
And since noises and faces only tell us so much...
I’d have to consider things like longevity...
And a refusal to give up...
And a tenacity to keep trying against the fiercest rivals...
Especially when everyone’s counted you dead and gone...

And I’d want to consider an objective stat like the number of times a player has retired during a match...

But it would have to be something phenomenal over a very long career at the top...



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sir, good thread, sir.
IN TTW you can know that a thread is good by looking at the number of posts in that thread. If it does not reach even the second page, you can know it was good thread. Proof is that @Waspsting has one of the best threads and anyone of them hardly goes to the second page. TTW does not like "the good threads".


I could imagine Rafa as a Spanish inquisitor in a former life.

Don Rafaole, High Inquisitor, adjuster of bullsacks, holder of the Golden Rod of Punishment.
wow nadal wow

Nadal's dominance on clay is also highlighted by 60 of his 86 ATP singles titles coming on this surface, including 25 of his 35 ATP Masters 1000 titles, and his 81 consecutive wins on clay is the longest single-surface win streak in the Open Era.
I don't want to sound disrespectful towards other Greats of the era, but nadal on clay has produced the highest level of tennis in the last 15 years or so. Especially the 2005-08 period was godalike from the warrior.


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If Sampras is so good, and Federer so overrated, why did Sampras lose their only meeting when he was all of 29 years old?
Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, we’re talking about mental strength

why did fedr lose to Tsonga at W 2011. It doesn’t mean much

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Because Tsonga is a BEAST!

You can tell he's never fought in his life, he's punching in 2 completely different directions.....and he's not even looking at his 'target' either.