M: Multi X: Poly


I know that Gut in the mains and poly in the crosses does abdsolutely best in everything.

Feel power control, etc.

But putting multi in the mains, and then poly in the crosses, I know it won't even come close to the real close, but is it a close enough imitation?

And if it is, wouldn't a real soft syntehtic gut work just as good?


I personally feel that the multi mains poly X's is adequate depending on what level player you are. To give you an idea, I am a 3.5 player and I tried the Wilson Champion's Choice and Ultimate Duo, with the Lux ALU Power in the crosses each time and the gut/NXT in the mains (tension the same in both tries).

You are correct that the natural gut is definitely the cream of the crop, but I found the NXT in the mains to be adequate. If you're a higher level player, you might feel the NXT is not close to the nat gut or you might agree it's worthwhile and try other multis like X-One that may be a little cheaper (personally that's what I'm doing tomorrow when I get my racquet restrung :D)

A soft syn gut in my opinion would not work as well. The reason being that a soft syn gut is designed to soften up the stringbed and provide comfort. If you were to do this in the crosses with poly in mains, you're right that a soft gut is just as good. However, since the main benefits in your stringbed are from what strings are in the mains, you do sacrifice the benefits of multi that syn guts lack if you want to stick with a simple syn gut (multis are closer to nat gut than syn guts are).

For the record I also use a K6.1 Tour...our level of play is probably the difference.


keep in mind the durability of this setup will be pretty awful. I am not an especially big hitter and i broke my PSGD mains Big Ace Crosses setup in 5-6 hours pretty consistently. Considering i play 2-3 hours a day it burned a hole in my wallet pretty quickly.