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    Much has been made of how Mac couldnt handle the power game post 1985. While that may in part be true, I think it had more to do with fitness and conditioning that being unable to play against the new power brokers. Wimbledon 85 against Curren is cited as the point when Mac could no longer handle power hitters. I disagree. Curren won the NCAA in 1979 a year after Mac. He'd been on the tour and Mac had always managed him with ease. In 1986 a year after Wimbledon Mac beat Curren. Mac also had the measure of Lendl (except '82) another big hitter. Vilas and Connors and Borg. Even in 85 Mcenroe was able to handle boom-boom Becker. What really led to the decline was Mcenroe's timing and style of tennis, fast and aggressive. After his lay off in 1986, he (like Fleming says) lost a step. And that step was all it took to wreck the last seven years of his career, mediocre by his own standards. Another point: post 1985: Mac won 18 tournaments and was runner up in 10. Not too bad, considering some players never make that in their entire career.
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    The H2H between Mac and Becker is 8-2 in favor of Becker. The two wins by Mac came in '85 and 1992.
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    i think 86 to 88 mac was just not as commited as one needs to be to win majors.

    in 89 when he recommitted himself he had some good results. of course the big win over lendl in dalllas, i think he made 3 major sf.
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    Tatum O'Neil and coco train had something to do with demise of Mac.
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    Mac not able to handle power hitters? Horse manure, I say. Curren's serve was the downfall of both Mac and Connors. No one could read it. Mac could deflect the hard hitting Connors and eventually found a way to turn the tables on Lendl. Was he going to dominate from the baseline? Typically, no. He needed to get to net. But, he was more than capable from the back court, as borg, connors, etc. would surely testify.

    Mac screwed himself when the took that 1986/87 sabbatical from the game. He was never the same after that. I fully agree w/you. He was a step slower and even Connors started beating him again. Time away from the game is a Borg found out. Connors stayed at/near the top for so long, not just because of skills, but because he never really left for any length of time.
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