Madrid 2022 QF: Novak Djokovic VS Hubert Hurkacz

Who will win this encounter

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The world No.1 Novak Djokovic faces 12th seed Hubert Hurkacz in the quarterfinals of the Madrid Open on Friday (6 May).

Djokovic enters the contest after a walkover from the third round with his opponent Andy Murray retired due to illness.

Hurkacz meanwhile defeated Dusan Lajovic in straight sets to progress to the quarterfinal.

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I think Djokovic wins this one in two sets.

There was nothing in Hurkacz's game thus far in Madrid to indicate he could win this. Yes, his serve is great, but he struggled with Lajovic in quite a few sections of their match.

At least this match is at a decent time for the Australian audience (10 PM).


Hubi is probably the most decent human being on the tour. So humble and down to earth. If anyone must beat Djokovic, it might as well be him.

It's still clay which gives Djokovic another advantage, but hoping for a good match one way or another.


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Hurkacz is enjoying the clay for the first time in his ATP career, now in his second clay QF (M-C) this season. He is playing with house money after escaping from jail vs ADF in 2R. I expect he will trouble ND with the big serve and keep it close. Khachanov is the biggest server seen in ND’s comeback and he took a set in Belgrade before fading badly.

This should be great prep for Joe Kovic if he makes it to a Zedraffe final.

#1 in two TBs.


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Looks like everyone has one mission and that is not give Novak any hitting practice. Novak cant have practice if the first shot is an UE lol


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It always astonishes me how the best player has the worst smash overhead on the tour. If on the Futur level player make more out of overheads.


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This annoys me so much. Why cant Nadal improve his serve placement like Djokovic. I mean whats stopping him. Nadal would have such an easier time with a better serve placement


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Mug level QF. Djokovic is entirely mediocre but Hurkacz offers him an immediate break and can't do shyt on return with those UEs. Pretty pathetic than this guy won a masters somehow. Noel really does have the softest path to SF.


Very weird set of tennis.. Hubi was just bad. No aggression, no fire... Djokovic does not even have to put much effort into playing him..