Madrid 2024 R64: Nadal vs De Minaur


  • ADM in 2

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • ADM in 3

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • Nadal in 2

    Votes: 13 40.6%
  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 7 21.9%
  • ADM wins via Nadal retirement

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  • Nadal wins via ADM retirement

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Honestly, if deminaur can handle the pressure, there is no chance rafa will win it. And i said it as a rafa fan


Wow. de Minaur broke him with a controversial call to push it to 15-40 earlier. To be fair, that ball was extremely close. I honestly couldn't quite tell when they showed the replay.


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ADM has no shame beating up on the pensioners.

6-0 vs Murray and he bagelled Wawrinka the last time they played.



Rafa needed to raise his hand to challenge that call but he was slow. So, the umpire is correct. When you want the play to stop, you need to raise your hand as player. Sorry Rafa fans.


The umpire after looking at replay didn't make a bad call. If Speed Demon wins first set I can't see this version of Nadal taking the last 2 sets.


After Nadal's 1st Round Barcelona victory over Flavio Cobolli he said he was saving himself for Madrid and Rome-
“There were things [I could have done] today that [could have given] me the possibility to play better today, but don’t give me the possibility to play the next day or the next couple of days, or in terms of weeks, in Madrid or Rome."
See at the beginning of a comeback, its not a good idea to rush or skip steps in your return to form.

I don't listen to what Nadal says unless I'm trying to have a laugh.

I watch what he actually does.