Making an Ezone 98 even more arm friendly


Due to tennis elbow i have ditched my babolat project one7 and got myself a yonex ezone 98 (305) which does seem a little better on my ruined arm. I am stringing it with xonebiphase main and revolve cross.
Now i was wondering if there is a way to make more arm comfy than the stock method?
Lead at 10 and 2?
Leather grip to make even more headlight?


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If you have TE you should first make sure your arm and elbow tendon have had proper rest before picking up a tennis racket.
Secondly, you should also try and look at other arm use that aggravates the problems, f.inst. mobile phone use, laptop use, mouse use etc.
Then you should make sure you start slowly and incrementally: 1 hour/week for x weeks, 2x 1 hour/week for x weeks, aso.

This is perhaps not what you want to read, or perhaps you already know this, but if you don't, you'll thank me later.

Now reg. the racket.
If you string an Ezone 98 in the mid 50s with a poly, you're asking for trouble. Even a multi like x-one biphase will stress the arm when strung in the mid 50s.
Use low tension. Mid 40s. If you absolutely need the feel of higher tension, be prepared to shell out for natural gut. Using a leather grip transfers vibration to the arm and tendon much easier than a synthetic one. If you want an easy solution, buy something like a Clash 100.

If you fail to protect the arm, you're not looking at a few weeks or a couple of months, you're looking at tendon damage that can stop you altogether from playing tennis. Good luck!


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Yeah first things first and that's resting the elbow. Doesn't matter how soft a frame is, if you have underlying issues with pain, then. O frame will solve your issues. If you have any pain with ezone 98 then you better rest it up.


I agree with the previous posters - rest it up.
I followed the same path as you - health arm > Babolat > tennis elbow > dr98, and I can confirm that, depending on how bad your TE is, the dr98 alone, won’t fix it.

Here’s my advice:
1. Rest, and when you start playing, take it easy. I was too anxious to start playing again and this just kept making my TE worse. When you think you’re ready, wait another 2-3 weeks.

2. Skip the leather’s too hard on the elbow. Try and find a Wilson Shock Shield or similar grip. They will add a bit of weight to the handle and provide a softer ride. Add blutack in the handle to get the balance right...seems to dampen vibrations a little.

3. Invest in some natural gut. Klip natural gut is around the same price as a set of Lux poly and a hell of a lot cheaper than a physio. I used Klip Armour Pro which has a hard white coating to help get a bit more spin. I also used their regular Nat gut and sprayed silicone spray to help it with weather protection and help the string slide better (highly recommended).

4. Not sure what level player you are, but I could have benefited with some coaching earlier on the help me use my legs and core rather than arming the ball back then (highly recommend)

5. Also consider a Angell or Pro Kennex racket...very good for TE sufferers...once again, much cheaper than a physio. Some of the big brands are now offering softer options like Head Gravity or Wilson Clash. I personally didn’t like the clash 100 but it is superb for TE sufferers.

I hope this helps...Best of luck.


I tried the DR 98 and did not find it arm friendly even with a synthetic string. It had a very stiff dead spot towards the upper portion of the hoop. I can tell that the new Blade 98 in 16 x 19 or 18 x 20 are very arm friendly.

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I tried the DR 98 and did not find it arm friendly even with a synthetic string. It had a very stiff dead spot towards the upper portion of the hoop. I can tell that the new Blade 98 in 16 x 19 or 18 x 20 are very arm friendly.
I had the same experience with the DR98. Extremely stiff in the upper hoop, but very soft and pillow-like in the center. The contrast between the two areas was crazy and difficult to adjust to, for me.
I ended up returning the racquet.

Currently I'm playing predominantly with a customized Ezone Lite (270g version), which I initially bought for my wife but she preferred her old 2009 Pure Drive 107 instead.
This Ezone has a more even response in the hoop (less stiff in the upper part than the DR) and overall I would say it is more comfy than the DR98 I had, in stock form.
With weight added, ~12g of lead tape to the hoop (3/9 and 12 o'clock), 10g in the handle, plus a thicker grip, this racquet has become extremely comfortable and stable, quite a weapon.

I would advise against a leather grip if you have comfort in mind (it's stiffer than the synthetic counterparts).
But I do recommend replacing the stock grip with a thicker one for better cushioning.


Well i played with it for the very first time after a 3 week layoff to rest arm and my arm got through game much more comfortably the the pure strike..i was just curious if possible to soften a racket even more


if you take the poly out completely and use a full bed of multi it will definitely soften it. leather grip will add weight ... probably wont soften. those yonex grips are so thin itll also make the grip noticeably bigger


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Yes. TOP SPIN CYBERFLASH is your answer. I have been dealing with arm issues for a long time but never took time off as I am tennis addict. So I was searching for all kinds of things to make my set up arm friendly . I found the answer in Cyberflash strings. IMO its a must try if you have arm issues.

Ezone is not the softest but I love that racket so much. Cyberflash make the racket even more plush. Just my humble opinion

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Not racket related, but as a one time TE sufferer, let me just reiterate what others have said: only physical therapy and rest can fix your TE.

Also, it’s often overlooked that TE is frequently a symptom of underlying shoulder issues. It was for me, I fixed my shoulder issues and now I play with an APD and full poly without shoulder or elbow discomfort.


- Memory foam in the butt.
- Wilson Shockshield replacement grip
- Swap the Wilson Revolve with Head Hawk Touch instead if you need poly in the cross


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Ezone is not that elbow injury friendly as someone posted above.

Get one of the sub 60ra frames maybe one of the princes or new Yonex hd frame if you have to stay with Yonex


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So many arm friendly frames have recently been released. Go demo the new Yonex Vcore Pro HD, Wilson Clash/Blade, Head Gravity rackets once your TE has healed.


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I came from a similar path. Was using the Pure Drives. Had elbow pain issues.
Tried the DR98. Less jarring, muted. But didn't suit my style, just couldn't jive with it.
Then came the EZ98. Similar comfort to DR98, but more feel and power. Been using the EZ98 for nearly a year now. No more elbow pain. My whole arm totally thanks the EZ98. Now can play daily, when in the past had to recover from elbow issues.
My EZ98 setup. Poly 1.20 mains (47). Sgut 1.25 crosses (47). Lead 4g at 6 o'clock. Tourna O ring damper. Initially had the Wilson Shockshield replacement grip, but taken off now.
Am so very thankful. Really hard to believe my elbow/arm totally healed up zero pain. Lately been playing 3 days straight too.
Happy tennising :)