Making Luxilon Work...

I have been playing with VS gut in the mains and Lux in the crosses and I like the setup. I just broke my strings today at practice and my back up racquet has a full bed of Luxilon. I haven't used the racquet for a long while because I felt it was too stiff and it didn't seem to have the qualities that ppl claim to have. Now, when I used it today, I actually found the qualities that people were talking about. Now, my question is, if you string the Lux fairly tight, how hard to you have to swing to make it work. I currently use a APD that weighs 12.2 oz strung and I am do swing very hard. Is there a point where it doesn't matter how hard you hit it if it is strung too tight? I am going to ask my stringer to go full Lux but at a lower tension. I believed he told me that he strung by APD of gut and Lux at 64 a piece. Do you think going in the 50's would be better suited to get the most out of Lux. Thanks for any input!!
Wow, 64, lol. I remember doing that. No power, harsh feel, good spin. I went down to 56 and got same spin, power, and control. It might not work for you, but it worked for me, so mid-50's is definitely something to look into.
as some people said, polys are made to be strung at lower tensions. Gasquet strings his luxilon at 66lbs, but it doesn't mean it's right for everybody. IMO, I'd string it in the 50's


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Every player has different amounts of batspeed, and it is just about finding out what works best for you.



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I thought ALU Power at higher tensions had excellent spin at first (especially on kick serves), but it was murder on my shoulder, thanks to a 95 head size and a 72 RDC rating. IMO it works best a few pounds below mid.

But like jolly says, everyone has their ideal settings. So just start at mid and go from there depending on what you need. And only change one thing at a time.