Making Racquet Stencils


For repeated use, the stencil needs to be made out of a plastic sheet at least 0.5mm thick. It needs to be stiff enough to lay flat. You draw your design on the plastic sheet, cut it out and you are good. I personally do not do them because the stenciling process is very messy.
Scrap cardboard is your friend! You can just print any design you like and trace it onto the cardboard, cut it out, and boom...good to go.


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Is there a design you’re looking for? I had some and never use them these days. Many can be freehand drawn. If it’s more than that, it’s probably just too much ink on a racquet.

Also, I’ve never had luck with ink sticking to poly strings. I swear the pros must be using real paint.


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I have made them for my son's high school team but as noted above they are very messy. I simply took a piece of cardboard or paper and drew out the design.

I then set drawing on a soft surface I did not care about and cut it out with an exacto knife and took it to a FedEx office type place and had them plastic laminate it.

In this way the plastic lamination on both sides stuck to each other within the cut out portion of stencil. I then recut out the design and was good to go.

If you go to the River and put in custom tennis racquet stencil you will find a place I reached out to and I purchased other high school logos from schools in our area. They did a great job!