Making the perfect Prestige MP, or moving on

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ennis, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I just entered a thread similar to this one in regards to looking for demo racquets. But I thought that this approach may attract more discussion and helpful comments.

    In summary, I like both the i. and LM Prestiges for different reasons. I would prefer a Prestige that is stiff like the i. (i.e., stiffer than the LM) but has the weight (11.9 oz), swingweight, and balance (8 pts. headlight) of the LM. Interestingly, the swingweight and stiffness of the two racquets is reported as the same, ~325 and 63 respectively, but play quite differently. I also like the 18x20 string pattern.

    My question to prestige MP users are 1) which one did you choose to use, 2) did you modify one to better meet your preference (if similar to mine) and if so how, or 3) did you choose a different racquet to meet your preference (again, if similar to mine and as stated above)?

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