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    Feb 24, 2004
    I have a bunch of racquets to sell or trade... I am interested in various Yonex (rdx 500, rds 001, rq 1, rq 2, older yonex) and Wilson racquets (newer wilsons, or some of the older midplus or mids), Head (prestige xl's) but whatever you may have please make me a trade or cash offer...

    1. Babolat Pure Storm Tour Plus (07) 3/8 (#3) grip 9/10. I got this racquet from vkartikv.. the specs aren't listed on the throat.. he got it from a player sponsored by Babolat. Plays nice.. just not for me. Strung.. not sure what string. Used for maybe 3 sets. $100 shipped or trade

    2. Babolat Pure control Plus cutomized to 28" with a prince 1/4 (#2) grip by JCS (handle was remolded, which wasn't cheap!). 8.5/10 condition.. strung with luxilon big banger alu at 60lbs. Great racquet.. if you like the pog longbody you might fall in love with this racquet $110 shipped/best offer/trade

    3. Dunlop 200g xl 3/8 grip 9/10 condition, used for maybe an hour. strung with luxilon big banger alu at 59lbs.. best offer/trade

    4. Yonex RDX 300 Supermid 3/8 grip 8/10.. strung not sure what string. best offer/trade

    5. Wilson Hyper Prostaff 6.1 OS 3/8 grip 7/10.. strung not sure what string best offer/trade

    6. Head Radical Tour Twin Tube OS XL (28") racquets 3/8.. I have two of these.. one is 9/10 strung with big banger alu at 60lbs and the other one is maybe 6.5 to 7/10 unstrung, no grip, no buttcap... best offer/trade

    7. Head Agassi Radical LE customized to 28" by Bosworth Tennis 1/4 grip... I have two of these... 8.5/10 other is 9/10... best offer/trade

    8. Prince Diablo XP OS 3/8 grip... 8.5/10.. I have 3 of these.. all strung with alu power

    9. Wilson Hammer 6.3 5/8 grip 7/10.. best offer/trade

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