Maradona vs Ronaldinho freestyle


no thank u aghhhh!!:twisted: yes tahts for u javier :) but maradona was my idol since i was 5 i think.
Where are you from? I was always told that Argies are held in high regard in Central and South America, almost as much as those damned Spaniards haha


Ronaldinho is allot more agile than Maradona. So tricks wise Ronaldinho is better. But close control of the ball and overall Maradona was a better footballer.

Ronaldo Lima in his prime, was the best striker and pure goal scorer ever. (Maradona and Ronaldinho are not strikers)


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Maradona = GOAT. No other player contributed more to a team (Napoli's scudettos or Argentina's 1986 World Cup). Ronaldinho in those teams would have won nothing at all.