marcelo rios new tennis racquet?

I took a long lunch yesterday and played tennis against a compact little lefty with black hair and a goatee. Then, I took a nap, during which I had this weird dream that there was a new racquet called the Beck E-pro and that Rios played with it. Tennis, but also professional Air guitar.

Then I woke up and E-Pro by Beck was on the radio.
Nah nah
nah nah - nah nah ooh....
Naah Naah
nananana ohhhh....


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He has good taste for rackets to say the least.That is the Yonex RQiS 1 Tour, an awesome racket. Didn't He play with the RD-7?
I'm pretty sure at some point he played with the RD Power 10 Long, at least that is what it looked like up close @ the DC tournament 12 or so years ago when I saw him practicing on an outside court. Obviously it could have been a PJ, but I remember because that is what I used back then: