Marco Cecchinato - Strange Early Career


Cecchinato is not a player I think of often, but has any other player...
...entered 12 majors and lost in the first round each time, except for just one tourney (the 2018 FO where he famously advanced to the semis by defeating Djokovic). So he's 5-12, with all 5 wins at FO18.

Even though Novak was just starting to show signs of coming out of his slump and not all there, Marco did play extremely well that day, and looked very poised when it counted.
Marco also thrashed Diego in the final of the Argentina Open...2018 or 19?

Per his slam record, who can you compare him to?
Secondarily, am I crazy (don't answer yet) or does he seem to have more ability than shown so far. At least, consistent top 30 or so?


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Cechhi played very well. Djokovic was not at his best that time but he could not handle the big moments well against Cecchi.


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Albert Portas has almost entirely 1st round (and a few second round) losses in grand slams and masters. But then one year he unexpectedly won Hamburg out of nowhere

Martin Verkerk had a weird run to the 2003 roland Garros final too and then promptly disappeared