Maria... I Sooooo Want to Cheer for You.

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Miss Sharapova made one heck of a splash when she first showed up in the bigs, won Wimbledon, and later earned a US Open title to prove that she was more than just a flash in the pan. She was sidelined with that serious shoulder issue and after surgery, her grit has made me a believer. She's worked her way back into the conversation that includes the best in the women's game. I was even impressed when she showed up at "the front of the pack" immediately after the '04 tsunami to make a rather generous donation to the disaster relief.

Some darlings in sports are "sold" to us until we choke on them. While there's been plenty of light on Maria, in no small part due to her good looks, I have to respect her achievements. She's earned them. Considering that her dad brought her to the US when they were displaced by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster back in the '80's, her yet-to-be-finished story will probably be one worth reading.

So I've caught some of the US Open Series action on the tube and there's Maria, tearing it up and ready to make a run at another major. Can't knock her - she's back and looks tough as nails. But oh, that noise! I'm convinced that it's generally a violation of the code of sportsmanship, which I believe is one of the cornerstones of our sport. Just can't overlook it. Those who officiate the sport haven't done anything about it, but she's among those who are actually doing it.

If she could go out there and rip it up without all that orgasmic wailing (I love the feel of a good shot, but really), I'd be happy to join the ranks of Maria groupies, wishing for that one golden moment where we might share a passing glance and I could flash her a supportive peace sign or thumbs-up from the crowd in the wake of "game, set, match". Nope. Others do it too, but I'm not as ready to applaud those players.

That shrieking us just plain offensive and it's spoiling the show.


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Completely agree. I cant get past the annoying shrieking/screaming. I hope someday it could be banned from tennis.