Marin Cilic will beat Noval Djokovic at Wimbledon 2021


Cilic is slowly coming back into form. Although he had a disappointing performance against Federer on his weakest surface at RG, he has just won Stuttgart easily without dropping a single set. He is the last player to beat Djokovic on grass (beating him incredibly after being MP down) and when his game is firing on a surface like Grass, he's a hard man to stop even for Djokovic.

Watch out for Marin Cilic at Wimbledon 2021 (unless he pulls out injured)


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He might beat Noval but he won’t beat Novak

Have you not head of the great Noval Djokovic?

Quite incredible they never even bothered to correct the spelling in any of these


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Cilic, Bubalik, Johnson can be a dangerous floater, so does Nick too
FAA and Aslan are another one who are ranked low and can meet top players in third or fourth round .
Fed can be a dangerous qf and Rublev and Thiem might be easiest one
Okay if he wins Halle or Queens

Peak Cilic is a legit scary player but he is a shell of himself since more than a year now.
Does anyone know why he regressed so much? Complete lack of confidence?
You better hope they are in the same half or quarter.

If they are in the opposite half, you are essentially predicting that Cilic will be the 2021 Wimbledon Champ LOL :-D